Cal State LA Brand

Cal State LA: Premier public comprehensive university in the heart of L.A.

Cal State LA unveiled its new brand in September 2015. As we discovered during a year-long process of gathering input, a brand is more than just a logo. It is shaped by every image and word used in communication materials and interactions. As members of the Cal State LA community, we all have the opportunity to shape the perception of our University through every flyer we create, through social media posts, webpages, brochures and face-to-face interactions, both inside and outside the University.

Our previous logos and communication materials didn't always reflect our evolving personality. So, we engaged in a process that sought to identify us in ways that are distinctive and true to both who we are and to where we are located. We asked hundreds of people—faculty, staff, alumni, students, parents, community and civic leaders—what does Cal State LA mean to you? In what ways are we a distinctive and distinguished university? 

The responses revealed the strengths and appeal of Cal State LA, and serve as the basis for our brand statement: Cal State LA is a premier public comprehensive university that offers a transformative educational experience in the heart of Los Angeles.

Brand Logo

Each of the logo elements were carefully considered to reflect the strengths of Cal State LA. The shield, with its urban architecture angles, represents the enterprising, global city in which we reside. Inside the shield, you will find iconic buildings—landmarks—from the Los Angeles skyline. They are drawn to scale and ascend upward, from left to right, pointing toward the future. 

The thick bordure (outer edge of the shield) has open corners that represent a campus that opens out to the region we serve, where students, faculty, staff, alumni and our community are shaped by Los Angeles and in turn shape its future. Meanwhile the curved gold horizon at the top signifies our infinite potential.

Our new fonts enhance and reinforce who we are and what we can be. The bold Futura font represents the strength of the California State University system, while the customized serif font expresses the distinctiveness and individuality of Los Angeles and this University. You may have also noticed, the 'A' in Cal State LA, features an eagle's beak at its tip.