Resources for Faculty

Tips for Faculty Advisors of Graduate Students

New Graduate Student Orientation

  • Hosted jointly by the Office of Graduate Studies and Graduate Resource Center (GRC) every fall and spring.
  • Complements, but does not replace similar sessions hosted by departments, colleges, or International Office.

Workshops and Seminars

  • The GRC offers workshops and seminars every term.
  • GRC staff (professional staff and student staff) may be available for workshops in departments and classes on request.

GRC Facilities

  • Located in Library, north wing, “A” level, the GRC features ample room for group and individual study.
  • Our Learning Center features a 70” touchscreen monitor and computer and classroom space available for graduate student use.
  • We also have a conference room with tech and A/V available for uses such as defenses and meetings. 

Thesis and Dissertation Filing Deadlines and Requirements

  • Student files with “the Graduate Resource Center” or “Graduate Studies,” not “the Library” (old nomenclature confuses students and burdens staff).
  • Deadlines available every fall, spring, and summer. Filing not available during winter. These deadlines apply to faculty AND students!
  • Thesis/dissertation formatting workshops offered in fall, spring, and summer.
  • Defenses must be completed by the last Friday of the semester in order for the student to be eligible for completion that term.
  • Students are discouraged from filing in summer as faculty are usually not available. However, if they opt to do so, they must provide written support from committee stating that all members have agreed to advise student in summer.

Filing for Graduation

  • Students must submit application to Graduation Office in previous semester or risk $25 late fee.
  • The GRC coordinator notifies the Registrar, the Graduation Office, and each college of students' thesis, project, and dissertation completions each term. These notifcations trigger the final grade changes for thesis and dissertation coursework