Upload to ProQuest ETD Administrator

A preliminary review is required prior to final submission via the ProQuest ETD Administrator. Candidates should be aware of all deadlines when scheduling a meeting with their assigned Reviewer

Candidates will submit a complete draft of the thesis or dissertation as PDF to the ProQuest ETD Administrator website for official review by Cal State LA staff. Suggested edits from the preliminary review will be incorporated into this draft. The Candidate is permitted to make additional edits to the thesis or dissertation at this point up until they submit GS-13 form to the Office of Graduate Studies; a final draft must be uploaded by the GS-13 submission deadline.

Many Candidates will submit a completed, committee-approved thesis by this deadline. Candidates who still await committee feedback or whose defense will take place after the upload deadline are advised to notify all members of their committee that the final draft must be uploaded by the GS-13 deadline; no committee-requested edits will be accepted after that day.

Candidates are advised to create an account on ProQuest well in advance of the final deadline. Unfinished work may be saved until the Candidate is ready for the final submission. Allow approximately 1 hour to complete the upload and submission process.

Tips for Uploading

  • Do not submit Supplemental Files via the ETD Administrator. Cal State LA does not accept supplemental files. If text-based or visual supplementary materials, such as computer code and spreadsheets, are part of your dissertation or thesis, please add them to the PDF of your manuscript. Multimedia files, such as audio and video, should be stored on a CD or DVD and delivered to the University Thesis/Dissertation Coordinator with the GS-13 form. Instructions for submitting non-print materials may be found at the bottom of this page.
  • If you need a complete embargo on your submission that delays both the release of your citation and abstract to ProQuest and the release of the full text of your thesis/dissertation to the JFK Memorial Library, please submit a Cal State LA embargo form to your University Thesis/Dissertation Coordinator. This form may be found on the Templates and Forms page of our website. The embargo will be noted by your administrator.
  • After your initial submission, do not create a new submission when revising your PDF. Always return to your original submission. You will be able to revise your PDF via the "PDF" tab in the lefthand navigation of your submission.
  • Revisions to the submission will not be accepted once the GS-13 is submitted. The submission of the GS-13 indicates that the Candidate's manuscript is complete as is and that the Candidate does not intend to make additional revisions. The ProQuest submission will be locked when the GS-13 is submitted, so that the Office of Graduate Studies may do the final review.

Preparing the PDF

Before creating the PDF . . .

  • Check that the preliminary pages and end matter are in the correct order and are paginated correctly.
  • PC Users: Embed all fonts (Mac users do not typically have to do this as fonts are automatically embedded when you convert files into PDF).
  • Remove any passwords on your source file (e.g., MS Word). If PDF upload results in an error, check PDF security settings. Must be set to "No security."

After creating the PDF and before upload . . .

  • Open the PDF and check it again for accuracy. Occasionally, errors pop up in the PDF conversion process and you need to do it again.

After converting your document to PDF, proceed with the submission process at the ProQuest ETD Administrator website.

Publishing Options

ProQuest provides Candidates with two publishing options:

  • Traditional Publishing
  • Open Access Publishing PLUS

Through "Traditional Publishing," a master's Candidate's thesis or project report will never be made available to the public; only Cal State LA students, staff, and faculty may access the entire text of the thesis. However, the abstract and citation will be publicly available via the Dissertation Abstracts International database. If a master's Candidate wishes to make the thesis or project report available to the public, they may select "Open Access Publishing PLUS" and pay the required fee.

Doctoral dissertations will be made available to the public regardless of the publishing option chosen.

Requesting an Embargo

Occasionally, a candidate may require the delay of publication of the thesis/dissertation citation and abstract by ProQuest, the release of the dissertation to ProQuest, and/or the release of the thesis/dissertation to the Cal State LA Library Digital Repository. This may be due to the candidate seeking publication of part or all of the thesis/dissertation with another publisher, pending patents, material under another copyright, sensitive material, or other similar reasons. Candidates may request an embargo of six months, one year, or two years with the permission of their committee chair.

The deadline to submit the embargo form is the same as for the GS-13. The Candidate may not request an embargo once the thesis or dissertation has been sent to ProQuest for processing.

Submission of Non-Print Materials

Candidates will send supplemental materials, such as music compositions or videos, by mail to the Graduate Resource Center. The package must include the file(s) on a USB drive and must be postmarked by the deadline to submit the GS-13 form. A Word document should also be included on the USB drive with the following information:

  • Name
  • Title of project
  • Department, division, or school
  • Semester and year

At the bottom of the report’s table of contents, the following phrase should be typed: 

This report is accompanied by a [name of the medium, e.g., “DVD”], which is housed in the Special Collections of the Library.

Mailing Address:

ATTN: Andrew Chavez
Library North A124
5151 State University Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Instructions for Submission of Non-Print Materials

Final Format Edits

The Thesis/Dissertation Reviewer will check the Candidate's submitted documents and certify that all information is complete. If errors are found in an account or PDF document, the Thesis/Dissertation Reviewer will email instructions to the candidate to make changes and re-submit. Final format edits must be done before the posted deadline. Once all corrections are made, the Candidate will receive an email confirming that the thesis or dissertation has cleared all checks. 

At this stage, documents are now eligible for submission by the University to ProQuest. No edits or changes will be accepted after this date. If a Candidate misses this deadline, s/he must register in the following semester to submit the thesis.

The Thesis/Dissertation Coordinator submits all approved files to the publisher and notifies the Registrar's Office, College Graduate Dean, and the Graduation Office that the document has been accepted. ETDs become available to campus users in 8–12 weeks via the Library's catalog and digital repository.

Inquiries regarding items or services purchased via ProQuest should be directed to ProQuest Customer Support.

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