Undergraduate Advisement | Biological Sciences

Other Forms

Below are a few additional forms that may be useful. You should not attempt to submit these forms without consulting with an academic advisor. You can make an appointment with any of the full-time faculty members through the Biological Sciences Department Office in person or over the phone.

General Academic Petition Form

This form is used to petition undergrduate academic requirements which may occur under unusual circumstances. An example might be a subsitution of a course for the General Education requirements. Consult with an advisor before submitting this form.

Academic Petition FormAcademic Petition Form

Request for Course Substitution

This form is used to request a course substitution in your undergraduate major or minor. Consult with an advisor before submitting this form.

Request for Course SubstitutionRequest for Course Substitution

Bachelor's Degree Worksheet

This form is used as a checklist of the requirements for a baccalaureate degree. Complete this form before you meet with the Principal Undergraduate Advisor for a graduation check.

Bachelor's Degree WorksheetBachelor's Degree Worksheet

Grade Appeal & Academic Grievance Form

This form is used to file a formal grade appeal or academic grievance. Before filing this form you must attempt to resolve the dispute informally. You are strongly encouraged to read carefully Cal State LA's Grade Appeal/Academic Grievance Policy.

Grade Appeal/Academic Grievance FormGrade Appeal & Academic Grievance Form