Minor in Mesoamerican Studies

Description of Minor

The Minor in Mesoamerican Studies offers students a cross- and interdisciplinary curriculum on the cultures frequently associated with the Mexica (Aztecs) and Mayas, but inclusive of other ancient peoples who populated metropolitan and ceremonial centers such as Monte Alban, Teotihuacan and Tula, among others. The fields of study include art history, cave archaeology, colonial ethnography, and myth narratives read as examples of Mesoamerican literature, such as the poetry of Ancient Mexico (e.g., Texcoco), and Maya texts, such as the Popol Vuh and the Rabinal Achí. A total of 24 units in required and elective courses comprise the Minor in Mesoamerican Studies. For more information, call the Department of Chicano Studies at (323) 343-2190.

Requirements for Minor

Upper Division Required Courses (8 units)

Course Number Course Name
ANTH 428 Civilizations of Western Mesoamerica (4) or
ART 447H The Art of Mesoamerica and the Southwest (4) or
CHS 400 Pre-Columbian Literature of Mexico (4)

Upper Division Electives (16 units)

Students must select one course from each of the four disciplines:


ANTH 428

Civilizations of Western Mesoamerica (4)

ANTH 429

Maya Civilization (4)


Cave Archeology (4)


ART 447H

The Art of Mesoamerica and the Southwest (4)

ART 450H

Art of Colonial Mexico and Guatemala (4)

ART 453

Aztec Art and Culture (4)

Chicano Studies

CHS/ML 312

Mediterranean and Pre-Colombian Myths in Latin American Literature (4)

CHS 400

Pre-Colombian Literature of Mexico (4)

CHS 490

(When topic is Mesoamerican Studies) (4)


HIST 450

(When topic is Mesoamerican Studies) (4)

HIST 461

Latin America: Colonial Period (4)


Colonial Period (4)

HIST 469

Indigenous Peoples of Mexico, 1325-1910 (4)


Faculty in Minor