General Education Requirements (50 units)

General Education Requirements (50 units)

Block A: Basic Subjects (8 units)

A1 ENGL 101
A2 COMM 150

American Institutions (8 units)

HIST 202A OR 202B (4 units)
POLS 150 (4 units)

Block C: Humanities (8 units)

Select 8 units from two other areas in Block C1 or C2 or C4 or C5

(Do not select a course from Block C3)

Block D: Social Sciences (4 units)

Select 4 units from Block D

Block E (4 units)

Select 4 units from Block E (TECH250 is a recommended course for this block)

Additional University Requirements (6 units)

ENGL 102 (4 units)
CS 101 (2 units)


 Block F : Upper Division Theme (12 units):

Select 4 units in Biology and 4 units each from Humanities and Social Science

(Chose only from Theme C or Theme F (listed below)  as they have the required BIOL course.)



Theme C:  Gender in the Diversity of Human Experience

This theme provides an integrated inquiry into the implication of gender, exploring its meaning, significance, and status within the diversity of human experience and representations of sex and gender specific to the multitude of cultures and societies making up the human experience, both historically and today.


Natural Sciences and Mathematics

PSY 388 - Sex and Gender (4)  


Social Sciences



(d)  ENGL 385 - Sex and Gender in Language and Literature (4)

(d)  TVF 379 - Gender and Sexuality in Popular Culture (4)



Theme F: Human Maturity and Aging Processes and Problems

This theme addresses major life issues that confront individuals in maturity and adulthood. It provides a multidisciplinary approach to the study of human aging through examination of the biological bases of aging, the cultural, social, political and psychological implications of maturity and aging, and the religious, literary and philosophical concepts of age and aging.


Natural Sciences and Mathematics


Social Sciences