V.E.S.T.E.D High School Summer Academy

Valdry Engineering, Science, Technology, and Enrichment Development

Introduction: The V.E.S.T.E.D. High School Summer Academy is an engineering and technology summer program for high school students from the Los Angeles area. The V.E.S.T.E.D. Academy strives to develop math and science skills as well as personal and interpersonal skills for students entering college and beyond. The Academy provides an early entrance opportunity by allowing high school students to enroll in select courses offered by the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and

Objectives: The objective of this course is to strengthen the mathematics skills of high school students through applied learning instruction. This course connects mathematic concepts to real world applications using artificial intelligence infused with robotics technology. This course presents a unique opportunity to learn math in a real-world/contextualized learning environment. Not only will students learn about algebraic concepts and principles in the traditional sense but also how to apply algebra in order to solve real world problems by developing robotic programming solutions. This course also integrates the following California State Standards:

Course Goals:

  • To use and apply technologies to access, organize, and evaluate information.
  • To apply design philosophy in the creation of a mechanism that converts one form of energy into another.
  • To foster engineering creativity, problem-solving skills, logical thinking and processing.
  • To demonstrate appropriate use of resources while practicing safety and maintenance skills.
  • To foster team building & working together to solve problem and design projects.
  • To apply the concepts and skills used in measuring, proportioning, free-hand sketching, and PowerPoint Animation to visualize structure, form, and design.

Eligibility Requirements and Program Details:

  • Open to students in entering grades 9-12 in Fall 2012.
  • An overall 3.0 GPA, Algebra 1 and Geometry must be completed prior to Fall 2012.
  • A grade of A or B is required to obtain college credit, otherwise a Certificate of Completion will be issued.
  • Students must provide their own transportation to class and field trips.
  • All students must attend a MANDATORY Orientation with a parent or guardian on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 5:00 pm in the Engineering and Technology Building A-223 Conference Room.


  • Summer Session: July 2 to 27, 2012
  • Monday - Friday 100:00AM - 12:30PM


  • $800.00* includes tuition and all course materials and fees.


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Contact: Lily Nguyen, Program Director College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology California State University, Los Angeles (323) 343-4506 or lnguyen2@cslanet.calstatela.edu