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Locker Request Forms
EE-210   Required Breadboard
EE-211   Required Breadboard
EE-246   Required Breadboard
EE-246 Old form   Required Breadboard
EE-317   Required Breadboard
EE-340   Required Breadboard
EE-496 Design Station
FPGA Board
Card Key Access
Design Resources
Design schematics in
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Data Sheets
1N4001 Diode
2N3906 PNP
2N4124 NPN
2N5458 N-Channel
2N7000 N-Channel
L7800 Voltage Reg
LM555 Timer
LM741 Op Amp
LM747 Op Amp
76STC04 Switch
7400 NAND
7402 NOR
7404 Inverter
7407 Buffer
7408 AND
7410 3 In NAND
7414 Inverter
7432 OR
7470 Flip Flop
7474 Flip Flop
7476 Flip Flop
7483 Adder
7486 XOR
7493 Counter
74123 Multivibrator
74125 Buffer
74138 Decoder
74151 MUX
74154 Decoder
74155 Decoder
74157 MUX
74161 Counter
74179 Shift Reg
74194 Shift Reg
74195 Shift Reg
74247 7 Seg Decoder
74273 Flip Flop
Lab Volt 9401 OpAmp

Lab Manuals
EE-246   Express  Tutorial   PartsHelp
Kodzo Abledu
Khaled Abosheer
Helen Boussalis
Danny Covarrubias
Fred Daneshgaran
Jane Dong
Kamran Karimlou
Jack Levine
Charles Liu
Raj Ramchandani
Lily Tabrizi
Nancy Warter-Perez
Deborah Won
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Equipment Manuals
Oscilloscope DSO1012A
*NEW Oscilloscope DSO1012A Prog
National BNC-2140
National PCI-4451
Multimeter 34401A
Multimeter CDM250
Multimeter 3468A
Power Supply E3615A
Power Supply E3616A
Power Supply E3631A
Power Supply CPS250
Oscilloscope 54603B
Oscilloscope 54645D
     FFT Module for above
     FFT quick start
Function Generator 33120A
Function Generator 3314A
Universal Counter 5314A
Logic Analyzer 1672G
Spectrum Analyzer HP4411B
     9Khz - 1.5Ghz
Spectrum Analyzer HP8558B
     100Khz - 1.5Ghz
Spectrum Analyzer HP8590B
     9Khz - 1.8Ghz
Spectrum Analyzer Tek2710
     10Khz - 1.8Ghz

How to

Test an NPN transistor.
Read the value of a resistor.
Unlock a Master combination lock.
Capture a waveform into a Word doc.
Test 33120A Waveform Generator.
Switch the 33120A from 50 Ohms to high Z
Test 34401A Multimeter.
Test E3631A Power Supply.
Zoom in on a pdf lab manual.
Do capacitor conversions.
Test an Lab Volt 8341 Transformer.
How to use the HP54603B as a Spectrum Analyzer
Read numerical postfixes.

How to Video

Use a 34401 multimeter, 50 min,
Use a 33120 function generator, 38 min,
Use a 546XX oscilloscope, 90 min,
Pick the best university.

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