Upper Division
Technical Electives (8 Units);

Select at least 8 units from the following list of classes

Upper Division Technical Electives (12 units)
CE 366 Soil Mechanics I (4)
Physical and mechanical properties of soils, classifications, permeability, seepage, capillarity, consolidation, settlement, stresses, pressures, strength theories, and testing methods

CE 370 Transportation Engineering (4)
Fundamental principles for analysis, permeability, shearing strength, and consolidation tests

CE 483 Hydrology (4)
Precipitation, evaporation, infiltration, transpiration, and runoff; methods of predicting discharge from precipitation, flood routing, and measurement of hydrologic processes

CE 485 Water Supply (4)
Sources and collection of surface and ground water, distribution systems, water quality, water treatment plants, sedimentation, filtration, softening, and disinfection

CE 486 Ground Water Contamination and Remediation (4)
Study of the fate of contaminants in the subsurface environment. Focus is on the transport of chemicals through porous media including possible transformations (chemical, physical, and biological units)