Management Electives (8 units)
Select at least 8 units from the following with attention to prerequisites

MGMT 306 Production and Operations Management (4 units) Prerequisite: ECON 209 and MATH 102 or 242
Analysis and applications of concepts and techniques of the quantitative approach, systems analysis, and operations analysis to managerial functions, with emphasis on production

MGMT 460 Case Studies in Production and Operations Management (4 units) Prerequisite: MGMT 306
Case studies used to illustrate and process design, technology management, facilities design, location and layout, capacity and inventory management, and quality improvement in manufacturing and service firms.

MGMT 463 Motion and Time Study (4units) Prerequisite: MGMT 306 Operations management issues related to the utilization of physical, human resources, technological and other interlocking factors in determining and improving the ways of organizing and doing work in manufacturing and service companies

MGMT 464 production and inventory management (4 units) Prerequisite: MGMT 306 Design of information and decision systems for allocating resources and scheduling activities; development of conceptual structures guiding integrated production and inventory systems in manufacturing environments; introduction of computerized MRP systems

MGMT 467 quality control (4 units) Prerequisite: ECON 309 Control of quality of manufactured products by statistical methods; control charts for variables, fraction defective, defects per unit; acceptance sampling; single, double, and multiple sampling methods; sampling tables