Environmental Engineering Special Options Courses

Environmental Engineering Special Options Courses

Upper Division Required Courses (36 Units)
Upper Division Technical Electives (12 Units)

Upper Division Required Courses (36 units)
BIOL 100A Introductory Biology I (5)
Prerequisites: None.
Introduction to the ecology, evolution and diversity of life, covering all major groupsof organisms from a phylogenetic perspective

BIOL 100B Introductory Biology II (5)
Prerequisites: Grade of C or higher in BIOL 100A
The structure/function of cells including biological molecules, membrane structure and function, prokaryotes, eukaryotes, genetics including mendelian, molecular, microbial and populatio

CHEM 102 General Chemistry II (5)
Prerequisites: CHEM 101
Structure of molecules, states of matter, acids and bases, equilibrium, oxidation-reduction, electrochemistry, coordination compounds.

MICR 300 General Microbiology (5)
Prerequisites: BIOL 100B, CHEM 102.
Structure, growth, nutrition, metabolism, genetics and diversity of microbes; intridcution to environmental, industrial, and medical aspects of microbiology and biotechnology.

CE 306 Communication for Civil Engineers (3)
Prerequisites:  COMM 150, Satisfactory completion of the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)
Introduction to calculations using vectors; matrix operation, solution of linear simultaneous equations; coordinate transformation; application to engineering problems.

CE 384 Introduction to Environmental Engineering (4)
Prerequisites: CE/ME 303, CHEM 101
Introduction to environmental engineering; environmental ad ecological system; physical, chemical, and biological process; water and wastewater treatment; air pollution; solid and hazardous wastes; regulation and impact.

CE 386 Design of Water Resources Systems (4)
Prerequisites: CE 195, CE/ME 303
Develops of water resources and demand of water, availability of water, storage, and control structures, conveyance system, and drainage system

CE 387 Hydraulics I (4)
Prerequisites: CE/ME 303
Introduction to open channel flow, gradually varied flow, hydraulic machinery, and introduction to unsteady flow

CE 454 L Special Topics in Civil Engineering (1)
Prerequisites: Senior Standing in engineering, enrollment subject to approval of instructor in charge
group study of selected topics not currently offered as a technical electives; study groups may be organized in advanced civil engineering subjects upon approval of instructor.

Upper Division Technical Electives (12 units)
CE 366 Soil Mechanics I (4)

CE 370 Transportation Engineering (4)

CE 483 Hydrology (4)

CE 485 Water Supply (4)

CE 486 Ground Water Contamination and Remediation (4)