Program Overview

College of ECST Professional Practice Expo 2012

Program Overview

The purpose of the Professional Practice Program aka Senior Design Program is to provide students with a capstone experience, in which students apply their theoretical knowledge to real applications. The current structure of the program exposes students to an industry setting, where students work with a real client (the company or industry partner) to develop a client-defined product. This product may be a physical prototype, software package, or operational algorithm. Regardless of project type, student teams are expected to meet the needs of their client, and deliver a product at the end of the academic year. This means that work schedules and personal calendars must be managed in order to successfully complete all projects according to agreed-upon standards, putting the primary management responsibilities on the shoulders of student teams. All other faculty and staff exist to support team efforts, but these members of the Professional Practice team will not be leading the project direction. In the end, the projects must be student driven.


"Save the Date"

Event/Deadline DescriptionDate
Corporate Scholars Day April 5, 2013
Submit Final Posters May 23, 2013
Professional Practice Expo May 31, 2013
Ensure Liaisons Have Received Final Project Deliverables June 14, 2013 by 5PM PDT