Professional Practice Program Requirements

Students intending to participate in the professional practice program in 2011-2012 are required to fill out the following Google Form:
Register HERE

Requirements for all students

  • Check your emails frequently the week before school begins in the Fall. You will be sent an announcement when project descriptions for next year are posted. You will be required to fill in a survey form so that you can be assigned to a project.
  • Ensure that your student ID card is operational, and that you have an operational PIN.
  • Attend the Professional Practice Launch Day. You will be notified when the date and event information is finalized, but be aware that this event is mandatory. This usually occurs at the end of the second week of Fall quarter.
  • We recommend that you practice your technical presentation and writing skills, and that you practice your library research skills, e.g. locating journal papers, books, and other formal documentation required for literature reviews.

Requirements for Mechanical Engineering students

Requirements for Electrical Engineering students

  • Ensure you have passed EE 330, and it is recommended that you have taken at least one upper division lab elective. Students who have not met the course pre-requisites will be dropped from EE 496A.
  • Ensure you have chosen a specialization area, either independently, or with the help of your academic advisor.
  • We recommend that you review/learn Labview.
  • Note: Students who choose to take the FE exam and pass will be reimbursed their registration fee.