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The Educational Component engages activities through open houses, seminars, and training classes hosted by CSULA to develop pipelined stages of higher education in space science. Such activities include the following:

  • meeting with space scientists: providing exciting and fun learning opportunities to chat with faculty and graduate students who focus on space science researches,

  • the ABCÂ’s of astronomy: introduction to the basic astronomy including star and planet formation and observation, extra-solar planets, and interstellar medium

  • astronomy challenges: interactive learning, brain storming to face real challenges in this designated area,

  • JWST challenges: introduction to the design and technologies used in JWST, collaborative learning in engineering for problem solving in this designated area.

  • space scientistsÂ’ and engineersÂ’ toolkits: introduction to a suite of application software packages to facilitate the experiments and analyses of the related researches.  

The planned educational activities have very diverse formats. The structure of the space science workshops includes 1) short lectures, 2) collaborative learning activities, 3) demonstrations, 4) videos, and 5) guest lectures.