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Stage Two Activities (SS/JWST II)

Workshops are arranged with three different themes. The topics of the workshops will be focused on the knowledge and the current technologies related to space science and the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

Theme One -- ABC's of astronomy

  • The Nature of Light and Gravity

  • Our Nearest Star, the Sun

  • The Life and Death of Stars

  • An Insider's View of the Milky Way Galaxy

  • The Epoch of Galaxy Formation

  • Cosmology and the Big Bang Theory

Theme Two -- JWST Challenge

  •  Precision Pointing of Segmented Reflectors Using Decentralized Control

  • Identification Techniques for Large Structues

  • On-site real-time parallel signal processing of large scale/volume data from space science missions.

  • Astronomy object recognition, image compression, and image transmission.

  • Aerospace Information Server

Theme Three -- Space ScientistsÂ’ and EngineersÂ’ Toolkits

  • System Design in MATLAB

  • C programming for Scientists and Engineers

  • IRAF and IDL software packages