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Stage Three Activities (SS/JWST III)

The class content will reflect the research challenges in the frontier of space science. Lectures addressing "Astronomy Challenges."

Workshops -- Astronomy Challenges

Students will join undergraduate astronomy research seminars/groups to learn the techniques of astronomical image processing. Students start with unprocessed telescope images from JPLÂ’s Table Mountain Observatory, construct calibration files, process images, and extract astronomical information from the calibrated images. The following two major subjects will be addressed:

a.) Fundamentals of astronomical image processing

b.) Astrometry & Photometry – measurement of stellar brightness and position


Research Seminars

1.) Research Seminars in SPACE lab

Students will attend the research seminar in SPACE Lab to learn the techniques of modeling, design and control of space telescope. Through presentation and discussion with research assistants working on different areas related to the NGST challenges in SPACE Lab, the students can obtain in-depth understanding of the topics addressed in stage two workshops. In addition, the students will participate in the research activities of their interest.

2.) Research Seminars held by USC Ph.D. Student

USC Ph.D. students will hold research seminars to address the new technologies related to astronomical instruments. Background knowledge and new challenges about Interstellar Probe mission will be addressed. Technologies developed by the proposed research activity one --Exploration of Novel Measurement Concepts and Instruments for Interstellar Exploration -- will be presented in the seminar. The planned subjects of the research seminar includes:

a.) Introduction of Interstellar Probe mission

b.) Instruments challenges for interstellar exploration

c.) New Concepts for Astronomical Instrument