Under the NASA


*Under the NASAÂ’s Minority University and College Education and Research Partnership Initiative (MUCERPI), California State University (CSULA), Pasadena City College (PCC), and University of Southern California (USC) have established partnerships and exchange/joint programs in space science-related education and research.


*The SERENADES Laboratory endeavors to continue the preparation of students through the educational pipeline established based on the MUCERPI program. Through the partnership of this program, four PCC students have been prepared, transferred to CSULA, and now work in the SERENADES Laboratory. More than twenty students have benefited from the interdisciplinary training classes, and workshops offered by the SERENADES Laboratory. Among the nine SERENADES graduates, all of them have been either hired by JPL, local aerospace industry, or admitted to the graduate schools. With the collaborative efforts of the Co-PIs, student assistants, and in-service teachers participated in the SERENADES research activities, more than 10 papers have been published, and more than 30 presentations have been given in technical conferences, and outreach / open house events. Two participating in-service teachers are delivering their research outcomes and the instructional software tools to the curricula of astronomy and physics in the local school districts. The SERENADES Laboratory is sponsoring the NCLR Escalera Project which allows Hispanic students from Garfield High School to participate in SERENADES researches in summer. In addition, one newly proposed course is under development to leverage the research result of real-time system from the SERENADES laboratory to the undergraduate curriculum.