Partnership II

Institution: California State University, Los Angeles.

Goal: *The goal is to provide interdisciplinary education to enhance the studentsÂ’ knowledge and skills in both engineering and space science.

Faculty: Charles Liu and Jianyu Dong (Dept. of Electrical Engineering), Susan Terebey (dept. of Physics and Astronomy).

Students: Sonny Orellana, Thanh Tran, and Lei Zhao, Michael Wai, Anne Sullivan, Ignacio Sanchez, Jenny Martinez.

Education components [View all education activities]

  • *Field trip on Friday May 13th, 2005 to NASA Goldstone. We toured radio telescopes of the Deep Space Network.
  • *Field trips to NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. We toured the Microelectronics Device Lab and the Mars Sandbox.
  • *Lecture entitled “The Search for Extrasolar Planets,” which reviewed the searches that are currently underway for planets around other stars.
  • *Seminars and workshops on various space science topics: students obtained fundamental knowledge in space science, and were exposed to some widely used astronomical software package such as IDS, SkyView, and IRAF.
  • *Training courses on astronomical image processing.
  • *Continually attending the Physics and Astronomy colloquia.
  • *Attended regular meetings of the Physics Club, and participated in related activities such as astronomy workshops at the California Science Center at Zzyxx, CA. 
  • *A course - EE 454 Real-time Multimedia Systems - is currently being developed to provide students with knowledge of a client-and-server model of real-time operations for interdisciplinary applications.
  • *Other courses include PHYS 311 Elements of Modern Astronomy and PHYS 412 Lab Applications of Minicomputers and Microcomputers.
Publications [View all publications]
  • *S. Orellana, “Automated Object Detection for Astronomical Images,” Satellite and Education Conference XVIII  NOAA, Los Angeles, August, 2005.
  • *A. Sullivan, “Searching for New Stars,” Satellite and Education Conference XVIII  NOAA, Los Angeles, August, 2005.