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The Department of Technology extends a warm welcome to all alumni. The reputation of the Aviation Administration program is due to your achievements and getting feedback from you is essential to keeping that reputation. As graduates, you represent our quality education in the workforce. Therefore, current students benefit from your successes, as employers will seek out current students of Cal State L.A. for their companies and schools.

You are important to us, and we want to hear from you! Contact us at (323) 343-4568 to find out how you can become involved.

Where Are They Now?

Michael H. - Class of 2008
Airport Superintendent of Operations I, Los Angeles International Airport.

"I can directly attribute my career with Los Angeles World Airports at LAX to my degree in Aviation Administration from CSULA.  The experiences, knowledge, and contacts I made while attending Cal State LA have given me the motivation and confidence needed to succeed in this fast paced and dynamic environment.  I am grateful for the many advantages this degree has provided."

Viet T.
- Class of 2004

Aviation Safety Inspector, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

"I had fifteen years aircraft maintenance background before I decided to go back to college and earn a four-year degree. I did my research before I decided to enroll with CSULA.  It was not until I attended at CSULA seeking a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Administration however, that I realized how well run the Aviation Administration program was.  I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, ability, real life experience through professors and students and an amazing support system that keeps everyone up-to-date on information and jobs in aviation.  The B.S. degree in Aviation Administration with CSULA changed my life and helped me earn my job with the FAA as an Aviation Safety Inspector."

Rodney T. A.A.E.
- Class of 1999

Chief of Operations, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), LAX Airport Operations Center (AOC).

"When I enrolled into CSULA’s Aviation Administration program, I had an idea of the subject matter involved but I had no idea that I would make lasting relationships.  In addition to learning from the established curriculum, the Aviation Administration Program allowed me to jump started my Airport Management career by allowing me to network with the instructors and students. Once enrolled in the program you do not have to wait until you have your degree in hand, just by taking the classes and making the contacts you can start your aviation career. Whether your interests are in Airline, Airport, or Aerospace Management all the classes give you an excellent overview and will help you determine your future.

Most of the instructors are currently in the airport or airline industry with knowledge that is more valuable than anything written in a textbook. The instructors are truly one of the more critical elements of your future and there is no better place to network than the Aviation Administration program at CSULA.

The assignments and presentations required in the upper division classes are valuable teaching tools because they help you prepare for the real world. If anyone wants a career in airport management the two most important items are writing and speaking.

Lastly, about six months ago LAX Airport Operations expanded its role in the Tom Bradley International Terminal. I was part of a recent interview panel to hire up to eight entry-level airport operations positions. Over fifty percent of the candidates we chose had recently graduated from CSULA in the Aviation Administration Program."

Hector H. - Class of 1996
Attorney-Advisor, U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of the General Counsel, Washington, D.C.

"There are several aviation programs sprinkled throughout the country, but CSULA’s Aviation Program is definitely a place where students are able to find great instructors, mentors, and colleagues.  Over the years, I have witnessed, with great admiration and pride, how graduates from CSULA’s Aviation Administration program have grown and succeeded in the aviation/transportation industry after graduation.  The success of these colleagues is no mistake, due to a few reasons.

First, my experience at CSULA allowed me to meet and interact with some of the most passionate individuals in aviation.  Whether it was the study of airports, airlines, flying, aviation law, private operators, or any other segment of the industry, the students in CSULA’s Aviation Administration program took it all in with great enthusiasm and desire, an attribute that has not changed over the years.

Second, the instructors, successful practitioners, and administration are among the most committed, hard-working, and caring public servants and mentors in the California State University system – they are undeniable assets to the State of California and our Nation.

Finally, the instructors, students, and alumni understand that the study of aviation and transportation fulfills a larger and altruistic purpose:  serving the transportation needs of the American public and the world.  Joining CSULA’s Aviation Administration program was definitely a life-changing experience for me and many of my friends in the industry."

Elizabeth L. - Class of 1994

Airport Certification Safety Inspector, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Western-Pacific Region, Lawndale, California. Transfered from Los Angeles City College (LACC).

"When I transferred into CSULA’s Aviation Administration program, all I wanted was for my Bachelor of Science degree to help me get a job at an airport or with an airline.  After taking some of the required courses in the program, I began to realize there was much more than just airports and airlines.  The classes I took gave me a good overview of what job opportunities were available in the aviation field, this included working for the federal government, specifically the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Some of the course instructors that taught were people that worked in the industry.  I found that to be one of the most important aspects of the program.  The instructors were real people with real life experiences to share with their students.  I found that I remember more of those real life experiences examples more than excerpts from textbook.  The instructors also gave real sound advice to their students.  To this day I find myself repeating some of the same advice that was given to us in class.

It was a recommendation from the department adviser that gave me the start I needed as an intern with the FAA.  From my position with the agency, I can see the program and degree does work because I see and meet many CSULA Aviation Administration alumni working in the field."

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