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The Department of Technology extends a warm welcome to all alumni. The reputation of the Industrial Technology program is due to your achievements and getting feedback from you is essential to keeping that reputation. As graduates, you represent our quality education in the workforce. Therefore, current students benefit from your successes, as employers will seek out current students of Cal State L.A. for their companies and schools.

Alumni: You are important to us, and we want to hear from you! Give us the highlights of your story by contacting us at (323) 343-4572 or by emailing Dr. Seaman at:

Alumni - Where Are They Now?

Enrique P. - Class of 2004
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Applied Specialist, Northrop-Grumman, Torrance, California. Attended South El Monte High School.

"As a freshman I was unsure of the direction I wanted to take with my education. A degree in Industrial Technology became my focus after speaking with an advisor. I was able to take advantage of the wide range of courses available, I went from making bio-diesel to using engineering design software. Computer integrated design became my focus towards the end of my educational degree. I was able to obtain an internship with Dassault Systemes and led to a full-time position within the company. Since then I have left the company and taken on other projects such as the Boeing 787, Boeing 747-8, F-35 Lightning, and F/A-18 Super Hornet.

The success I have obtained after graduating has been due to the Industrial Technology faculty. They were instrumental in my understanding of the class material, but also the support and advisement outside of a classroom environment. I truly believe that I would not be at where I am today if it was not for the faculty."

Jason V. - Class of 2001
Hardware Quality Assurance Group Supervisor, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena, California. Attended Citrus Community College. Transfer/Automotive Technology program.

"The transition from community college to Cal State LA was easy with the support of the Industrial Technology staff and community.  I was encouraged, along with my classmates, to participate in as many extracurricular activities as possible.  This opened the door to be a part of student organizations such as NAIT, SME, SAE, and eventually the ECST Student Council.  As an active member I supported the Supermileage project, and managed the WESTEC Pulse Jet Engine project. Participating in these student-run organizations helped me develop skills and traits, providing a foundation for the work I perform today.  Currently I am a Quality Assurance Group Supervisor at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, managing 23 Quality Assurance Engineers on 13 Flight Projects.  

I truly feel that I have gotten as far as I have because of two factors:  (1.) The Industrial Technology faculty at Cal State LA provided an environment that was conducive to those wanting to grow and succeed, and (2.) I took on the attitude of trying to be the best I could possibly be."

Michael F. - Class of 2001
Project Engineer, Fleet Services, Sempra Energy Utilities, South El Monte, California. Attended Don Bosco Technical Institute. Transfer/Power Transporation program.

"The knowledge and enthusiasm of the Industrial Technology staff was one of the key reasons for my decision to attend Cal State L.A. Everyday the teachers challenged my abilities and encouraged me to strive further in every aspect of my education. This positive educational environment was vital not only to my success in the class room but also for my success in my current position in the corporate world. I feel that the diverse curriculum that was taught to me in the Industrial Technology program was the key reason why I was hired into a fortune 500 company after I graduated from CSULA. As I have climbed the corporate ladder I have had the opportunity to hold positions in customer service, marketing and engineering.  My degree in Industrial Technology has prepared me for all of my current career endeavors and I know it will continue to be a part of my future,  no matter where my career takes me."

Andy F. - Class of 1999, B.S., 2006, M.A.
System Design Engineer, Honeywell Aerospace, Torrance, California. Attended Los Angeles Trade Technical College. Transfer/Manufacturing Technology program.

"In the beginning I was attending LA Trade Tech College to learn CNC machining to become a Machinist.  Then I found out that the program could be continued to Cal State LA's Industrial Technology program called the 2+2 Program.  So I decided to further my education and I’m sure glad I did.  Cal State LA provided me the skill and knowledge to work in real world industry.  All the group projects I was involved with helped me to develop the ability to work well with others as a team.  My advisor Dr. Seaman was extremely involved with my academic progress.  He also recommended me for an internship position that led to my current position as a System Design Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace.  I owe it to Cal State LA and the dedicated faculty members."

Pablo G. - Class of 1996
Program Manager/R6Sigma Expert , Raytheon, El Segundo, California. Attended Los Angeles Valley College. Transfer/Electronics Technology program.

"My college career started at Los Angeles Valley College in the San Fernando Valley. I majored in Electrical Engineering since my interest was in electronics. At the time, I assumed an engineering degree was my only option for electronics. After a year of taking engineering courses, I was introduced to manufacturing operations through an internship program offered by Valley College at an automotive test equipment manufacturer. Experience gained during this internship expanded my interests in electronics and manufacturing operations. An electronics professor mentioned the Industrial Technology program at Cal State LA combines electronics and all aspects of manufacturing.

The transfer process from junior college to Cal State LA was simple due to the outstanding advisement of the Industrial Technology department. Coincidentally at Cal State LA, another internship position was offered at a fiber optics manufacturer. This 3-month internship resulted in a 7-year stint which opened the door to an exciting career in the manufacturing engineering field. Invaluable experience was gained in fiber optic, laser and wireless technologies. Methods, processes and electrical technologies utilized at this company were covered in Industrial Technology courses, enabling me to an easier transition from classroom to real world applications.

Currently, I am a program manager of a large operation at Raytheon. As a program manager, my duties are to execute plans on time and on budget, interface with functional teams to achieve an objective and communicate with internal and external customers to address issues early. Positions held at Raytheon vary from manufacturing engineer to operations manager to program manager. Projects at Raytheon include electro optics (EO) and infrared (IR) sensors, radars (RF), flight hardware, ground systems, among others.

My career success is associated with Cal State LA and the Industrial Technology department. In addition to the excellent Industrial Technology faculty staff, I need to commend Dr. Seaman for his advice and support provided during my years at Cal State LA."

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