Major Sheets | B.S. Industrial Technology program

Pathway for Transfer Students

The Department of Technology welcomes transfer applicants from four-year universities and community colleges. We want to help you plan for your transfer early to ensure you are maximizing your college experience.

The lower division program (Foundation Program) may be completed at a community college or at another four-year institution. The major requires 104 units including 23 semester units (35 quarter units) of community college work for students who have completed a two year community college program in computer aided design, electronics, manufacturing technology, power/energy/transportation, or a similar technology-oriented program.

transfer diagram

Pathway for First-Time Freshmen

The Department of Technology welcomes first-time freshmen applicants from high schools. We want to help you plan for your maximizing your college experience.

Freshmen students (non-transfer) are able to complete the lower division (35 quarter units) by taking the required foundation program.

freshman diagram

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