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Industrial Technology Program

ATMAE Team Visit Schedule (Tentative)

Program Inputs

7.1 Program Title, Mission & General Outcomes
7.2 Competency Indentification & Validation
7.3 Transfer Course Work
7.4 Identification of Competency Measures
7.5 Program Structure & Course Sequencing
7.6 Student Admissions & Retention Standards
7.7 Student Enrollment
7.8 Administrative Support & Faculty Qualifications
7.9 Facilities, Equipment & Technical Support
7.10 Program Goals

Program Operation

Program Operation
Motivation of Students
Program Advising
Scheduling of Instruction
Observance of Safety Standards
Availability of Resource Materials
Teaching & Measurement of Competencies
Supervision of Instruction

Outcome Measures

7.12 Graduate Satisfaction with Program
7.13 Employment of Graduates
7.14 Job Advancement of Graduates
7.15 Employer Satisfaction with Job Performance
7.16 Graduate Success in Advanced Programs
7.17 Student Success in Passing Certification Programs

7.18 Advisory Committee Approval of Program

7.18.1 IAB Bylaws
7.18.2 IAB Committee Members
7.18.3 IAB Meeting Minutes

7.19 Outcome Measures Used to Improve Program (use Table 7.9)