Graduate Advisement | M.A. INTS Program

The Importance of Graduate Advisement

The Department of Technology strives to provide you with the support and academic information needed for you to reach your goal of an M.A. Industrial and Technical Studies program from California State University, Los Angeles.

We recommend meeting with the Graduate Advisor (Dr. Le Tang) prior to registering for each quarter to ensure that you are on track with your degree in terms of:

Steps to Successful Graduate Degree Completion

  • Learn the requirements for your graduate degree. Read the relevant portions of the Cal State L.A. University catalog.
  • Become familiar with the University and College policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Check GET on a regular basis to view your status and track your courses, grades and financial aid.
  • Keep an approved M.A. Industrial and Technical Studies major sheet from your advisor, and/or GET Unofficial Transcript report to determine progress toward university and major requirements.
  • Be aware that your financial aid may depend upon your academic progress.

Graduate Advisor

Dr. Le Tang

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