Brian Collins Resume

Brian Collins

La Canada, CA. 91011
626 318 7920


To find an engineering position in the field of digital design


netRequisite Inc., Software Engineer
Web Transaction System, Java.  Worked on a team with two others to rapidly implement a 'Payer Authentication' system to Visa's specification. System facilitated passing XML signature certificates between credit card holders, issuing banks and online merchants. Used tomcat/jserv, SSL, XML, Oracle 9i.
Client: Allen Organs
Application Development, Java .  With one other developer, wrote a full featured custom wave file editor for high volume processing of digitized pipe organ samples (wav files). Designed classes, Swing GUI, and audio interface with javax.sound.sampled. Gained experience working closely with client to specify and implement solutions to their specialized needs.
Java Developing.   Ported CNET's Investor site from IIS/ASP under NT to Weblogic/JSP under Solaris ( Designed and implemented java beans, JSP templates, XML tag libraries, stored procedures, and in-RAM data model for the site. Analyzed and tuned performance on the current production site. Established generic utility classes for any Model-View-Controller web site topology. During the project I worked with one other consultant in tight cooperation using Extreme Programming (XP) best practices. The result was rapid output of robust and innovative objects.
U.S. Antarctic Program, Technical Staff
Numerical Data Analysis.   Wrote C and perl code used to trim outlier data from multi-beam sonar bathymetry data while aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer, R/V Ice Breaker during two geophysics cruises between New Zealand and Chile. The proprietary SeaBeam system resolves an array of seafloor depths which are highly prone to error if there are bubbles under the hull as in rough sees. Noise filters and slope coherence conditions were applied to clean the data. Notable aspects of the position include developing algorithmic description of plausible seafloor topography and testing these ideas, in a tightly iterative and creative design cycle.
Pasadena City College, Instructor
Curriculum, Lectures.   Planned and taught a three week earth science summer program for high school students (YESS). Students learned advanced topics; blackbody radiation, atmospheric energy budget, San Andreas fault tectonics, orienteering/geologic mapping, and LANDSAT image processing and analysis. Parts of the curriculum have been reused in subsequent years.
Calstate Long Beach, Research Assistant
Data Processing and Analysis.   Used general unix tools and specialized geophysics software (in C++) to process borehole log data into an estimate of the principle axes of the stress tensor for the crustal region underlying southern california. Familiarity with continuum physics (stress and strain tensors), statistical techniques (generalized linear regression, genetic algorithms) and field geology was necessary. ("Temporal and Spatial Variations in the Observed Shallow Stress Field of Southern California, J.Stock").


Calstate LA
B.S. in Electrical Engineering (Computer Engineering)


C (2 yrs), C++ (1 yr), Java (5 yrs), Perl, Transact-SQL, HTML, prolog, LISP, x86 assembly

Operating Systems:

Linux (since 2.0), Solaris, BSD (4.3,4.4), Sybase, mysql, postgres, Oracle (8i, 9i)


Emacs, TogetherJ, cvs, PerForce, yacc, lex, purify, unix shell programing, Mbsystem (geophysics suite), ArcInfo/GIS, MatLab, Mathematica, S plus.