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Storying Wyvernwood

May 14, 2014

Wyvernwood Garden Apartments

A Community Exhibition of Cultural Narratives

Student Writing on Wyvernwood

"Wyvernwood: Newer is Not Always Better" by Sara Goding, CSULA ENGL BA student (the base line magazine)

The Undergraduate Studies research panel and the Department of English present “Storying Wyvernwood: A community based exhibition,” at California State University Los Angeles. The event will be held on June 5th from 4 p.m. – 7p.m. in the quad between the University Library and Dolcini’s Cafe. The event is free of charge.

Professor Bidhan Roy and others discuss the Storying Wyvernwood Community Narratives Project on local radio (KPFK (90.7)) (Tuesday, May 27, 2014)

“Storying Wyvernwood,” is a multimedia event celebrating the historic Wyvernwood garden apartments located in Boyle Heights, an historically rich neighborhood near downtown Los Angeles and the CSULA campus. Recent plans for Wyvernwood’s re-development have led to petitions, protests and ongoing conversations about the quickly changing demographics of ethnic neighborhoods. In particular, Wyvernwood is listed by the Los Angeles Conservancy as a historical site, with news outlets such as the Los Angeles Times producing opinion pieces concerning its future. “Storying Wyvernwood” documents Wyvernwood as a center for the multifaceted narratives of identity, gentrification and space. The event explores the themes of globalization, business and the cultural impact that these changes have on families and individuals within a sociopolitical context.

Somos WyvernwoodModeled after the English project, “Storying Sheffield,” “Storying Wyvernwood” aims to encourage engagement between the Boyle Heights community and neighboring Los Angeles areas. Like its English counterpart, “Storying Wyvernwood” is a tapestry of narratives shared and woven through a multidimensional approach to research. A goal of “Storying Wyvernwood” is to start communication about what does identity mean in relation to the spaces people inhabit? How are stories told and shaped by the communities that are lived in? How are these questions put into action? Is preservation crucial? To answer these questions, recipients of CSULA’s Undergraduate Studies research program have created a myriad of expressions to bring the experience of Wyvernwood to CSULA’s campus.

Furthermore, Wyvernwood will be coming to CSULA, with community members in attendance sharing their experiences and stories. “Storying Wyvernwood” will feature original spoken word and poetry, music by the East Los Angeles-based band The Commons, local Mexican food and drink and much more.

As part of CSULA’s new initiative to embrace innovative techniques for academic research, “Storying Wyvernwood” embraces the community and exemplifies the link between research and community partnership. Storying Wyvernwood” is produced by the recipients of CSULA’s undergraduate studies research program along with honors students and Comite de la Esperanza. The event is sponsored by CSULA’s Department of English and the Office of Service Learning.


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