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Marjorie Bray has a BA degree from Pomona College in English and a PhD from the Claremont Graduate School in International Relations. Her particular research interests include the International Economy as it relates to Latin America and the Third World in General and U.S. Mexican border issues including creating a social charter for the North American Free Trade Agreement. The countries of Latin America on which she has focused include Mexico, Cuba, Chile, Nicaragua and El Salvador. She teaches the undergraduate senior seminar, Latin American Studies 497AB, the graduate seminars, LAS 508 and 590 with special topics which have included Latin American Women, Social Movements, Social Responses to Neoliberalism and is currently preparing one on Latin American Historical Memory and Globalization. She also teaches LAS 360, Dynamics of Change in the Developing World, a social science courses in the General Education Upper Division Theme A. She has written extensively about Latin America and also higher education. She is a founding editor of the influential journal Latin American Perspectives and was active in Lucha films which produced films about Latin America. She was twice President of the Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies and is currently treasurer of that organization. She was the first recipient of the PCCLAS Bradford Burns award for service to the organization. She has travelled widely in Mexico, South and Central America and the Caribbean and lived in Mexico and Chile.

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