Student Learning Outcomes

BA Latin American Studies

historical origins of Latin America, similarities and differences among the nations of the Latin America
understanding and appreciation of the artistic and cultural heritage of region
critical understanding of social and economic issues facing the region and its position in the world economic system
knowledge of the contributions of different academic disciplines to the study of Latin America
ability to understand and apply a range of theoretical perspectives relevant to the study of the Global North and South
understanding of the ethnic, religious, racial, cultural diversity found in Latin America
general knowledge of the geography and ecology of Latin America
understanding of the migration of Latin Americans to the United States and their relationships to their countries of origin
understanding of the history of Latin American Studies as a discipline and its relation to other areas of study
ability to apply critical analysis to issues related to Latin America
familiarity with forms of information and data related to the Latin American region and the ability to access that information
ability to write a lucid, well-organized research paper
ability to use the Spanish (or another Latin American language) as a research tool
ability to collect, organize, and analyze qualitative and quantitative data
ability to read, compare and contrast, and critically assess a wide range of theoretical perspectives on social, economic, and political issues
ability to critically read and reflect upon a range of scholarly literature from various disciplines
knowledge of research methods in social sciences

MA Latin American Studies

Demonstrate knowledge of the Latin American region
Demonstrate insight of social science disciplines
Show appreciation for diverse cultures of the region
Converse and conduct research in a language of the region
Engage in research on subjects related to the region
Apply critical thinking and writing skills
Write a thesis or take a comprehensive exam in three academic fields.