Advisement for Pan African Studies

California State University, Los Angeles


Statement OF Purpose


Pan-African Studies (PAS) encompasses the systematic investigation of the History, Culture, Social Relationships, Political Economy, Literature, Arts, and Languages of peoples of African descent and their contribution to world civilization. In order to give students a unique foundation for critical thinking and socio-cultural analysis, the curriculum combines in-depth and transnational approaches to the study of the Black experience. In particular, PAS places African American Studies in a larger comparative context of Africa and the African Diaspora—thus the name "Pan-African" Studies.


Although the African-American experience remains central to an understanding of the United States, teaching and research on the African Diaspora has come to include the study of peoples from every continent, language group, and religious faith, and especially Africans in the Americas. The goal of the curriculum is to allow for flexibility in required core and upper division elective courses. This approach maximizes student ability to determine areas of emphasis and, with faculty advisement, to select a creative set of courses that expose majors and minors to the historical context, fundamental concepts, central issues, and methodological evolution of Pan-African Studies. 

Upon successful completion of their course work, PAS majors gain a degree in African-American Studies. A minor in Pan-African Studies provides students with an emphasis on the Black experience that complements course work in other majors.

Further details about the Pan African Studies Department can be found on the department’s web page—/academic/pas/


Students who have questions about general education requirements, university policies, procedures, or general education course selection, please visit the University Academic Advisement Center (UAAC), Kennedy memorial Library, Palmer Wing, Room 1040A, (323) 343-3150. 


In addition, students who wish to discuss their academic plans  should review their Unofficial Transcript from your GET account and bring a list of questions/concerns to the UAAC advisement session. 



      Dr. Melina Abdullah, Chair

      Ms. Nofoao Leau, Administrative Support Coordinator II


Contact Information

Location                 King Hall- C 3095

            Phone Number   (323) 343-2290                              

      Office Hours        Mon-Thurs*         8:00 am-6:00 pm



Seeing the Pan African Studies Advisor

Advising appointments are strongly encouraged.

  1. Appointments may be made by calling the PAS Department at (323) 343-2291 or contact Nofoao Leau, Administrative Support Coordinator, by e-mail at
  2. Cancellations - if you know you will not be able to keep your appointment, please call the office as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule.
  3. Your appointment may be cancelled if you are 10 minutes late.


Expectations of Students

  1. See an advisor on a regular basis and keep current with your status in the department
  2. Be responsible for your own decisions.
  3. Be familiar with the requirements for staying in good standing.
  4. Maintain accurate and complete advising records.


Expectations of Advisors

  1. Assist the student to develop a plan for meeting the department’s  major or minor requirements.
  2. Review the students’ selection of classes to make sure courses are appropriate.
  3. Help the student develop strategies for academic success.
  4. Help the student plan appropriate steps to correct academic difficulties.
  5. Maintain accurate and complete advising records.
  6. If needed, refer the student to appropriate campus resources.


Expected Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will understand their individual responsibilities for their own academic and personal successes.
  2. Students will have an awareness of available options to make effective decisions about their major/minor and the connection to future plans.
  3. Students will comprehend the necessary steps to being successful as a

PAS major/minor.


Key Considerations for Academic Success

1.Go to class every day and get to know your professors. 

  1. Understand the policies, procedures, and impact academically and financially for dropping classes within or beyond the no record drop period.
  2. Balance school with other areas of your life.  Plan and devote enough study time to do as well as you can in your classes.
  3. Have good study habits and get academic assistance early if needed.