Department of Philosophy

Existential angst? Metaphysical nausea? Ethical nihilism? Do you doubt the existence of your own soul? If you have these or any other philosophical symptoms, then the Cal State LA philosophy department is just the place for you. We specialize in solving and dissolving philosophical conundrums, and in engaging our students in doing it with us.
We have graduate and undergraduate programs and a diverse full-time faculty, with areas of specialization in ethics, political and social thought, logic, theory of knowledge, philosophy of science, philosophy of physics, philosophy of art and film, philosophy of language, philosophy of religions, metaphysics, feminist philosophy, philosophy and race, biomedical ethics, existentialism, postmodern thought, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of mathematics.
We believe philosophy can bring us insight into the moral and political as well as the more metaphysical problems of real life. So, whatever your philosophical interests or needs might be—and whether you are a beginning student looking for introductory courses, or an advanced student ready for M.A.-level courses—we are here for you.

why study philosophy?


it's transformative

Philosophers - literally "lovers of wisdom" - develop the general skill set for living excellent lives.


it prepares you well

Majoring in philosophy will prepare you for advanced degrees, including graduate programs and law school.


it pays

According to, the median salary for philosophy majors is $94,300 by mid-career.

apply to our m.a. program!

Our M.A. program is one of fifteen terminal U.S. programs recommended in the Philosophical Gourmet!
Our students publish a journal annually: Philosophy in Practice.
Recent Student Placement into Ph.D. Programs and Law Schools
Apply to join us! For spring 2024 admission, please apply by October 31, 2023.
Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students
For full consideration, please apply directly to the university through CSUApply.

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Talia Bettcher

What is it like to be a philosopher?

Professor Talia Bettcher discusses her journey in life and philosophy.

Faculty Talk

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