Transfer Students

Transfer Student Workshops

Welcome to the College of Business and Economics. We want to ensure that you will be as successful as possible and to help you get your degree in a timely manner. We do require new incoming transfer students to attend a transfer workshop. It is important that you take responsibility for yourself and your degree. To help you along the way we have provided you with all the material we provide during the workshop.

This workshop is designed to help you learn about your major in Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, and Economics and also additional information that will come in handy while you complete your bachelor’s degree. These workshops are geared towards new incoming transfer students and are required. To sign up for a transfer workshop please click here.

You can download the presentation and handouts from our Transfer Workshop:

1. New Transfer Student Power Point Presentation
2. Student Course Planner
3. How to Access Your Academic Advisement Report on GET
4. Writing Proficiency Exam / Univ 400 Information
5. General Education Upper Division Themes
6. Lower and Upper Division Required Core Classes
7. Requirement Courses Flowchart
8. Student Resources Handout and Campus Map
9. Major Option Descriptions