Comp Exam



As the culminating experience, the students are required to sit for an comprehensive examination to complete all requirements for the MSIS degree. It is required of all the students in the program. However, it does not count for any credit units towards the program.


Only students who have been advanced to candidacy are eligible to enroll for comprehensive examinations (course #596 in their major discipline). In addition, the students should have completed all the core requirements prior being given permission to sit for the comprehensive examination. 

When to Take the Examination

Students should expect to take their comprehensive examinations during the quarter in which they complete all course work on their program or shortly thereafter. Those who do not pass the comprehensive examinations must fulfill any department, division, and/or school requirements for subsequent enrollments in these examinations.


Taking the exam ahead of time?


When to declare to take the Comprehensive Examination?


Students must declare to their major department or division, at least one quarter in advance, their intent to take the examination. They must obtain department or division permission and register for the comprehensive examination which carries the course number 596 in their major discipline.


Students who are not enrolled in any credit-bearing course during the quarter in which they take the comprehensive examination must pay the comprehensive examination fee.  Payment of State University, student services, facilities, and associated student fees, or any tuition charges, is not required.