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Program Faculty & Staff

Program Advisors

As a part of our teaching credential programs in the Charter College of Education, students receive individual advisement and instruction from program/credential advisors in the Office for Student Services (OSS). For more information regarding the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Program, contact one of the following advisors:

Nicole Cravello
Nicole Cravello
Credential Advisor (OSS)

Abril Trasvina
Abril Trasvina
Credential Advisor (OSS) 

Edith Torres
Edith Torres
Credential Analyst (OSS)

Ana Zambrano

Ana Zambrano
Recruitment Advisor Specialist (OSS)

Lauren Haramoto

Lauren Haramoto
Directed Teaching Coordinator (OSS)


Program Faculty

Browse below to learn more about faculty in the Division of Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) who teach and coordinator courses in the Single Subject (SS) Teaching Credential Program. We look forward to supporting your teacher preparation and professional journey!

Christina Restrepo Nazar
Christina Restrepo Nazar, Ph.D.
Single Subject (SS) Teaching Credential Program Coordinator
EDSE 4212 Science Methods (Course Coordinator)
EDSE 5101 Research on Characteristics & Needs of Urban Secondary Schools, Families & Students (Course Coordinator)
*Please contact our Program Advisors listed above for all program inquiries.

Kimberly Persiani

Kimberly Persiani, Ed.D.
C&I Division Chair
EDCI 4000, EDCI 4292, EDSE 4212S, EDSE 5101 (Course Coordinator)

Anna Chee
Anna Chee, Ph.D.
EDSE 4301 Academic Language Development for English Learners (Course Coordinator)

Jennifer McCormick
Jennifer McCormick, Ph.D.
EDSE 4502 Understanding Academic Language Development (Course Coordinator)

John Shindler, Ph.D.
EDSE 5000 Transformative Classroom Instruction & Management (Course Coordinator)

Socorro Orozco
Socorro Orozco, Ed.D.
EDSE 4212M Math Methods (Course Coordinator)

Jamie Marsh
Jamie Marsh, Ph.D.
EDSE 4212N ELA Methods (Course Coordinator)

Michael Haussler
Michael Haussler, M.A.
EDSE 4212X Interdisciplinary Methods (Course Coordinator)

Rebecca Joseph

Rebecca Joseph, Ph.D.
Single Subject (SS) Fieldwork Placement Coordinator
EDSE 5002, EDSE 4453/4463 Directed Teaching (Course Coordinator)