Chemistry Links

The first set are websites that offer study tips on how to study for chem (pretty much, I have hard copies of all the website information I am sending to you... these websites are a "pick me up" when I think about my midterm results).


2. The next address is the same, but on this particular page, there a handouts of all types of study suggestions for different areas of chemistry.

3. This next one has hints as well as a math tutorial as practice for doing chem problems.

4. This one is actually old G-Chem tests...somewhat helpful on working some problems....but only general math problems.... not word problems like your tests...

5. This page has links to multiple webpages for chem, but some don't work...

6. Now this website has even more webpages, which do work...

AND My favorite one... This was actually made for AP Chemistry high school students, however, I did a lot of moles-mass-molecule conversion, some acid-base reaction, ox-redox, and a lot of hints on how to learn and understand chemistry...I know its a high school website, but it has been extremely helpful for me...

7. More practice exams/problems

8. More study hints (from Dartmouth)

9. point groups

10. synm elements

11. Periodic Trends: Electron Repulsion & Shielding - Atomic Radii

12. More pages from this site - Electron Counting

13. point group tutorial

14. orbitals

Student finds on the web...

15. Some cool character tables:

16. Some bonding notes

17. a really good explanation of character tables and their contents.