MenuMachine Folder Description

MenuMachine folder

This folder is generated automatically by MenuMachine 2, an extension for Adobe GoLive that creates dynamic menu systems in web pages. You can find out more about MenuMachine at

This folder contains support files for menus created using MenuMachine. You must upload this folder to your web server otherwise the menus will not operate.

It is strongly suggested that you do not modify or move any of the files within this folder. Doing so may cause the menus to cease to function in a browser or it may prevent the menus from being edited.

Description of the folder contents:

Name Description Upload required?
menumachine2.js This file contains core code used by all menu instances in all browsers. Yes
These files are essential for the menu to work. They consist of browser-specific JavaScript code used to build the menus as well as a special spacer image. Yes
menuname/ This folder contains settings that are only relevant to the menu named "menuname". Partial
menuname/navigation.html This file contains a plain HTML map of the menu and is used by browsers that do not support JavaScript and by search engines. Yes
menuname/maptemplate.html This file is the template used for creating the navigation.html file. No
menuname/menuspecs.js This file contains the encoded menu definition that is used by the browser to create the menu. Yes
menuname/menuspecs.menudata This file contains additional information needed by GoLive to edit your menu. No
about_this_folder.html This file. No