MSCS Course Flow

Flow diagram showing MSCS core courses with their prerequisites


Graduation roadmaps are suggested academic plans. Students should design their own plans to complete the degree requirements in a timely fashion.

  • Check the scheduling patterns of the courses and ensue that the CS 4xxx prerequisite course is completed prior to the CS 5xxx course.
  • It is strongly recommended to complete no more than three courses during any term.
  • Courses in the summer term can be taken to accelerate completion of the requirements.
  • Students assigned any prerequisite courses (provisionary admission) have to complete them during the first semester as per advisor recommendation. Upon completion of prerequisite courses, students must submit a filled GS-8 form to the graduate faculty advisor to change the student's classification status from Conditionally Classified to Classified.
  • Thesis course registration: Before registering for CS 5990, students must submit a GS-10 form and get the graduate faculty advisor's approval.
  • Comp exam course registration: Before registering for CS 5960, students should complete the core requirement (or the breadth requirement), submit a GS-10 form, and get the graduate faculty advisor's approval.
  • Students must submit their graduation application one term before the expected graduation term.