ECE Emeritus

Electrical & Computer Engineering Emeritus Professors

Roger Brandt

Roger Brandt, Ms, Emeritus Professor

Office: E&T A-136

Phone: (323) 343-4479
FAX: (323) 343-4547

Specialization: Communications.

Bob Howard

Bob Howard, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor

Specialization:Engineering Design

Jack Levine

Jack Levine, MS, Emeritus Professor 

Office: E&T A-336 

Phone: (323) 343-4514

FAX: (323) 343-4547

Specialization: Digital Systems, Microprocessors, Embedded Systems, and Programmable Logic Devices.

Martin S. Roden

Martin S. Roden, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor 

Specialization: Comunication Systemes, Blind Equalization in Low Signal-to-Noise Ratio Environments.

Raj Ramchandani

Raj Ramchandani, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor

Office: E&T A-304

Phone: (323) 343-4483

FAX: (323) 343-4547 

Specialization: Electromagnetics and Power Systems.

Sidney Soclof

Sidney Soclof, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor 

Specialization: Analog Electronic Circuits, Optoelectronics, Computer Graphics and Animation, Multimedia and Video.