All 4000-level courses may be applied toward master's degree requirements, subject to limits established by the department and approval of the graduate adviser.

Classified graduate standing is required for admission to all 5000 level courses

TECH 4980 - Cooperative Education (Graduate Students Only) (1-3)
Cooperative Education

TECH 5100 - Technology Forecasting and Assessment (3)
Concepts and methods of forecasting technology development, and methods of assessing social and environmental implications of using technology. 

TECH 5310 - Security Issues in the 21st Century (3)
 Responses of organizations to modern security threats, including technology, legal issues, vulnerability assessments, terrorist activity, and interagency cooperation. 

TECH 5320 - Hazardous Material and Disaster Management (3)
Examination of regulatory issues, hazard analysis, contingency planning, response resources, policies and procedures, implementation, emergency information systems, tactical considerations, recovery and termination procedures and program evaluation. 

TECH 5410 - Leadership of Career and Technical Education and Training (3)
Leadership of departments or colleges devoted to instruction in the areas of Technology Education, Career and Technical Education, and Industrial Training. Some course sections may be offered online.

TECH 5420 - Curriculum Development for Career and Technical Education and Training (3)
Development of curriculum and instruction in the areas of Technology Education, Career and Technical Education, and Industrial Training. Some course sections may be offered online.

TECH 5510 - Product Conceptualization and Realization (3)
Review of advanced product development process, including study of global collaboration and environmentally conscious design and manufacturing.  Case studies and virtual reality exercises using team-based product development efforts.

TECH 5520 - Six Sigma for Manufacturing (3)
Provide background and knowledge base of Six Sigma quality and process-improvement methodologies and its applications in manufacturing sectors.  Emphasis will be placed on DMAIC improvement cycle.

TECH 5900 - Research Development for Technology Leadership (3)
Prerequisite: TECH 5100.   Integration and application of research theories and skills to technology leadership research.  Students design and plan a research study including proposal, literature review and critical analysis.

TECH 5960 - Graduate Studies
See the Comprehensive Examination in the requirements for the Master’s Degree   section of this chapter.

TECH 5970 - Graduate Studies
Prerequisites: Instructor consent to act as sponsor and approval of Associate Dean. Independent research under guidance of faculty member. Acceptable final written report required. May be repeated for credit with approval of instructor and Associate Dean. Graded CR/NC.

TECH 5980 - Graduate Directed Study (1-3)
Independent study of advanced topics in field; regular conferences with sponsor.

TECH 5990 - Thesis (1-3)
Independent research resulting in a thesis or project. Must be repeated to total of 3 units. Graded CR/NC.

TECH 5991 - Comprehensive Examination (0)
Permission needed by Department. Students who select the comprehensive examination (Tech 5991) should expect to take it the semester they complete all coursework on their program, and must comply with college and department requirements.

TECH 5997 - Project (1-3)
Instructor consent to act as sponsor, departmental approval of topic prior to registration.  Independent research resulting in a project.  Graded CR/NC.

TECH 9000 - Graduate Studies (0)
Courses in the 9000 series are open only to graduate students who have previously enrolled in thesis or project units (5990 and 5991), but will use University facilities or consult with faculty.