Program Outcomes

Students who complete the Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology, Fire Protection Administration and Technology, Graphic Communications, or Aviation Administration at California State University, Los Angeles will demonstrate a balance of appropriate technical and management knowledge and skills including:

  1. A knowledge of theories, principles, and practices of science, math, and technical management. 
  2. An ability to design, test, analyze, and evaluate a system or process as well as collect and interpret data to provide innovative solutions.
  3. A knowledge of systems and the integration of technologies including those involving information technology.
  4. An ability to work individually and in teams to demonstrate initiative, supervision, and leadership skills.
  5. A demonstrated understanding of social, professional, ethical, and legal responsibilities and a focus on quality service to clients.
  6. A developed understanding of emerging technologies and management practices to improve expertise now and through lifelong self-development.
  7. An ability to communicate effectively orally, and in writing, to diverse audiences including collaboration as members of multi-disciplinary project teams.