Leila Ansari Ricci, Ph.D.

Leila Ansari Ricci, Ph.D.
Charter College of Education
Department of Special Education & Counseling
Office Location: KH C1030
Phone: 323.343.4412 Email: Lricci@exchange.calstatela.edu


Dr. Leila Ansari Ricci is an Associate Professor in the Mild/Moderate Disabilities program of the Division of Special Education and Counseling in the Charter College of Education at Cal State Los Angeles. Dr. Ricci is the Program Coordinator for the Special Education residency pathway of the Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency-Transformation Initiative (LAUTR-TI). Her passion is supporting and inspiring Cal State LA credential candidates to complete their educator preparation and make a difference in the lives of all children, with and without disabilities. 


Dr. Ricci’s teaching interests include teaching reading, the foundations of special education, instructional planning and delivery, collaboration and co-teaching, as well as support and supervision of interns, residents, and traditional credential candidates. 


Dr. Ricci’s research interests focus on teaching reading to children with disabilities, collaboration and co-teaching between general and special education teachers, and supporting novice educators.


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2004               Ph.D., Special Education, UCLA and Cal State LA

1997               M.A., Educational Therapy, Cal State Northridge

1994               B.A., English and Iranian Studies, UCLA

Clear Education Specialist Instruction Credential in Mild/Moderate Disabilities