Michael Shim, Professor

College of Arts and Letters
Department of Philosophy
Office Location: ET 422
Phone: 323-343-5942 Email: mshim@exchange.calstatela.edu


I've been at Cal State LA since 2007. My BA is from Vassar College (1995), and my PhD is from Stony Brook University (2003). I specialize in Phenomenology and Husserl Scholarship, with research interests in Modern Philosophy and Philosophy of Mind. I regularly teach PHIL 1510 Thought and Reality, PHIL 1520 Human Values, PHIL 4450 Existentialism, and PHIL 4460 Phenomenology; as well as related graduate-level courses. I am also the faculty advisor to Philosophy in Practice, our department's student-run journal. 

Representative publications:

Husserl’s Spatialization of Perceptual Consciousness,” Experiential Reason: Perception, Affectivity, and Volition in Husserl’s Phenomenology. Phaenomenologica, eds. R. Rubio, R. Walton, S. Taguchi (Springer, 2017)

“Monad and Consciousness in Husserl: A Quasi-representationalist Interpretation,” Discipline Filosofiche 23 (2) (2013), pp. 175-190

Representationalism and Husserlian Phenomenology,” Husserl Studies 27 (3) (Oct. 2011), pp. 197-215

Duality of Non-Conceptual Content in Husserl’s Phenomenology of Perception,” Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 4 (2) (June 2005), pp. 209-229

Presence and Origin: On the Possibility of Static-Genetic Distinction,” Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 36 (2) (May 2005), pp. 129-147

What Kind of Idealist Was Leibniz?British Journal for the History of Philosophy 13 (1) (Feb. 2005), pp. 91-110

For more detailed information, including all publications, talks, etc., see my CV below:

Curriculum Vitae