Sean Kaligi

Sean Kaligi
College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Office Location: ET A225
Phone: (323) 343-4490 Email:


Sean Kaligi is a California Licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer.  He holds a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has focused his studies in the field of thermal sciences.  Mr. Kaligi has completed research related to renewable energy, and has professional working experience in the fields of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, HVAC, thermal system design, and the design/construction of methane mitigation systems.

Mr. Kaligi has various publications for NASA-funded research projects.   Most of his projects have been related to emissions and temperature profile measurements for biofuels used in turbojet engines.  During this research program, Mr. Kaligi gained experience in the fields of metrology and mechanical system design.

Mr. Kaligi’s professional career began with the machine design and thermodynamic analysis of cryogenic turboexpanders.  His work included the design of variable exit-area converging nozzles, rotordynamic analysis, bearing design, stress analysis, development of manufacturing procedures, and testing where gas properties, wheel efficiency, rotor vibration, and cooling systems were monitored.

Mr. Kaligi continued his career as a design engineer at a reputable architectural firm where he focused his work on the mechanical design, fluid analysis, and thermal analysis of submersible robotic devices.  Mr. Kaligi was responsible for machine design, conjugate heat transfer & multiphase flow computational fluid dynamic studies, pump selection, compressor selection, heat exchanger design, seal design, stress analysis, test procedures, and engineering field support.

Mr. Kaligi is currently working as a Project Engineer for Sway Features.  Mr. Kaligi oversees all mitigation design and construction projects related to methane gas hazards.

Mr. Kaligi’s passion for education has lead him to continue his career as an adjunct faculty member at California State University Los Angeles, where he instructs undergraduate mechanical engineering courses.  Thus far, Mr. Kaligi has taught strength of materials, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, design of thermal systems, and heat transfer.

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