Shanna Dobson

Shanna Dobson
College of Natural and Social Sciences
Office Location: ST 213
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I am an NSF Mathematical Sciences Graduate Research Fellow, UCR Chancellor Distinguished Fellow, Caltech SURF Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study Women and Mathematics Ambassador, Associate Member of the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society, USC CUE & CETL Faculty Equity Fellow, and fantastical fiction author studying Geometric Langlands, K-theory, and perfectoid spaces. I am a Mellon Foundation grantee and an invitee to WestEd's Reading Apprenticeship STEM Learning Community Facilitator. 

Professional Appointments: I am a mathematics lecturer at California State University Los Angeles, Mount Saint Mary's University, and ArtCenter College of Design. 

National and Institute Committees: I am currently Chair of the AWM-MAA Liaison Committee, former Program Chair of the Southern California-Nevada Section of the MAA (2021-2022), President of the AWM Chapter at UCR, Member at Large of the AMS Committee on Meetings and Conferences, member of the SIGMAA MAA Committee, member of the AWM-MathFest and AWM-Meetings Committee, and the Alternate NSS Lecturer Representative to the Academic Senate at Cal State LA. At ArtCenter College of Design (ACC), I am the At-Large Representative and Secretary of the Faculty Council Committee, Chair of the Faculty Outreach Subcommittee, member of the Chair's Council Delivery of Classes Subcommittee, and member of the Faculty Research Committee. 

Research InterestsI am interested in perfectoid spaces, Langlands functoriality, Geometric Langlands, and post-quantum cryptography.   

Universal Design and Metacognitive Techniques: I wrote an article for CSU Read to Learn entitled Curating Metacognitive Conversations to Address Imposter Syndrome: htttps://

Women in MathArtI am the creator of a new AWM Research Network called Women, Art, and Mathematics (WAAM)The aim of the network is to amplify variations in mathematical thinking and highlight research and pedagogy at the intersections of mathematics and the arts. 

As the first step in forming this network, towards an RCCW, I organized the Women in MathArt: Research, Creativity, and Teaching Conference Joint with UCR's Diversity & Excellence Workshop, in cooperation with the AWM. I gratefully acknowledge the Institute for Advanced Study Women and Mathematics Program, Lisa Simonyi, and the UCR Department of Mathematics for their support. The conference was a two-day virtual symposium of plenary talks, parallel sessions, and group projects featuring prominent artists and mathematicians. 

My most grand interrogatory is:  When (?) does mathematical thinking become artistic thinking? When (?) does artistic thinking become mathematical thinking? What happens when... the Harpist Writes, the Guitarist Paints, and the Painter Sews?  It is because of, and through these intersections that we can amplify variations in mathematical thinking. 

Mathematical Poetry. I will be featured at the upcoming Bridges 2022 Mathematical Poetry event reading my mathematical poem Time's Homeomorphism.


I have authored two fantastical fiction books: Artemis Blu and the Solarium Multiversity, Artemis Blu II: Infinity Diamonds in Infinity Diapsalmata, in my book series The Artemis Chronicles of Imaginarium. I am currently working on Artemis Blu III, which will be released in December. 

I am experimenting with new mathematical poetry forms. Here is one of my mathematical poems whose cadence is of the form of the Fibonacci sequence:





In the Narcissi

Wasn't I Someone's Narcissi

Californian Sunshine to Awaken You to Me


Here is my Mobius Poem. 

Mobius Poem

© 2022 Shanna Dobson


Here is my Klein Bottle Poem

Klein Bottle

© 2022 Shanna Dobson

The concept of sidedness

Enchants my mindedness

Must language have a side?

I am enchanted by


How wonderfully peculiar it must be

To be realized a dimension higher. 


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Talks UCR Grad Slam Competition - Diamond Langlands Functoriality   Perfectoid + QCoh, WiM  Crystaline Topos + FFC, WiM CSUCI

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