Directed Field Experience

CHDV 495, Directed Field Experience (6 units), is designed for the student interested in careers in Early Childhood Education Programs in a variety of settings. This course is required of Option I students in Specialization B (Early Childhood Program Administration).

Time Commitment

In this 6 unit course students will be assigned to a preschool/day care setting. Eighteen hours of fieldwork experience is required per week for 10 consecutive weeks. Field experience is divided into two sections:

  • Direct involvement with children (4 units / 12 hours per week for 10 weeks), and
  • Administrative internship (2 units / 6 hours per week for 10 weeks).

All work will be supervised by an on-site supervisor and a University supervisor who will visit the site regularly. The supervisors will meet with the student as well as observe.

Available Sites

1. Anna Bing Arnold Children's Center (Accreditation: NAEYC)
2301 Lavanda Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90032
(323) 343-2470
Interim director: Patricia Ramirez-Ulloa; Assistant director: James Goodrich

This site allows maximum 6 students for administration experience and 6 students for teaching units per quarter. Livescan is required*.

2. Children's Center at Caltech (Accreditation: NAEYC)
286 S. Chester Avenue
Pasadena, California 91106
(626) 395-6860
Executive director: Susan Wood; Assistant director: Elizabeth Ledezma
This site allows maximum 5 students for administration experience and 5 students for teaching units per quarter. Livescan is required*.

3. Pasadena Christian School (Accreditation: ACSI, Outdoor Classroom Demonstration Site)
1485 North Los Robles Avenue
Pasadena, California 91104
(626) 791-1277
Director: Linda Taylor-Bell; Assistant director: Nora Calma; Curriculum Specialist/Team Leader: Angelita Chao-Nagatsuka
This site allows maximum 3 students (summer quarter excluded) in the facility per quarter. Livescan is required*.

* Students are kindly asked to contact the assigned fieldwork site for the site facility number at least two weeks before the quarter begins for the date of a scheduled orientation and a facility number (for the fingerprinting/livescan process). The fingerprinting report and the record of TB/MMR should be available on the first day of fieldwork. University police provides the fingerprinting service.


What to Expect

Students are expected to plan weekly activities and gradually take on increased responsibility. The experience will culminate in a week wherein the student will plan all activities for the children and provide appropriate instructions and discussion for other staff. Students must keep a daily journal about their experiences including all lesson plans and materials developed for use in the classroom. Students are also expected to compile a professional portfolio. The details regarding a professional portfolio are available at the supervisors of your fieldwork site.

In completing the administrative internship portion of the fieldwork, students may gain further insight into the administrative role beyond what would otherwise be known. With approval of the supervising teacher, the student can be assigned the role of assistant to a Director or to an Assistant Director. Within this capacity, the student will be expected to attend staff and parent meetings and partake in experiences which the Director or Assistant Director feels would be beneficial learning experiences. In some instances this may include gathering data, preparing reports, assisting in grant writing, and attending meetings away from the site. This experience will be part of the 2 units (6 hours per week) administrative internship requirement. CHDV 422 and/or CHDV 428 are the prerequisite(s) for this type of experience.

CHDV 495 students MUST be fingerprinted through Community Care Licensing. The cost is between $65.00 and $98.00. For more details about fingerprinting procedure, please check out Fingerprinting service is also available at the University Police.



The university supervisor will evaluate student's teaching and administrative performance in consultation with the on-site supervisor and the student. The on-site supervisor will evaluate student progress during mid quarter and at the end of the quarter. Meanwhile, students are expected to compile professional portfolios to document their professional growth and development. Please present this evaluation form* and the instruction for professional portfolio* to your on-site supervisor.

Permit Procedures and Application
Students are to apply one quarter before they anticipate doing their field experience. Please read and carefully follow the permit procedures.

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