Directed Field Experience - Permit Procedures

Students are to apply for CHDV 495, Directed Field Experience, one quarter before they anticipate doing their field experience in Winter, Spring or Summer. For Fall quarter fieldwork, please make arrangements during Spring quarter. For example, if you plan on taking this course during Spring quarter, you must apply for the permit in the previous quarter (i.e., during Winter quarter). Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

Setting Up an Interview

The student is responsible for arranging an appointment with Dr. Yafen Lo at (323) 343-5842 or to review course prerequisites.  Dr. Lo will assist you with your field site placement for CHDV 495.  It should be noted that field site placement is only available at departmentally approved sites.

What to Bring to the Interview

For the interview, the student is to provide the following:

  • Completed application form for CHDV 495.
  • One page statement of experience working with young children
  • An official or unofficial transcripts with the following prerequisites highlighted:
    • CHDV 140 Child Development
    • CHDV 200 Observational Techniques for the Study of Children
    • CHDV 210 Infant Development
    • CHDV 220 The Young Child
    • CHDV 225 Ethnic Identity and Cultural Awareness in Children and Families
    • CHDV 340 Middle Childhood and Adolescence or CHDV 250 Child, Family and Community
    • CHDV 430 Parent-Child Development over the Family Life Cycle
    • CHDV 422 Administration of Preschool/Day Care Programs
    • CHDV 428 Administrative Leadership in Early Childhood Programs
    • CHDV 443 Psychology of Cognitive Development
    • CHDV 492 Communication Behavior in Childhood (formerly 494) or COMM 494 or COMD 456
    • Select an appropriate course from one of the following- ART 435, COMM 490, EDEL 473, EDEL 432, EDSP 400, EDSP 416, ENGL 430, MUS 490.

Substitute Work Experience for Fieldwork Experience

Students who have a minimum of two years of full time experience as a master/lead teacher (NOT assistant teacher) in a developmentally based early education program may be able to substitute their "direct involvement with children" portion of the field experience (four teaching units). In place of the "direct involvement with children" portion of the field experience, the student will instead complete four units of upper-division coursework. In such case, the student must still complete two units of the administrative internship.
Students wishing to substitute their "direct involvement with children" portion of the field experience, with four units of coursework, must supply the following information:

  • Request form* to waive 4 units of CHDV 495
  • A professional portfolio including letter from their employer, on official letterhead, describing the length of their employment, job responsibilities, age group taught and program philosophy. For details, please click here*.
  • If possible, also supply a formal job description and brochure or material describing the context in which they were employed.

Please bring the requested information with you to your interview. The supplied information will be reviewed by Dr. Yafen Lo. In some instances, Dr. Lo may require a personal interview. Students will be informed by the Department Office if they qualify for the four-unit substitution.

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