Masters of Arts Helpful Links

Thesis or Project Preparation Information
The University Library provides pertinent information for the preparation of your Thesis or Project. This site also specifies the University format requirements. For a more interactive approach, it is strongly recommended that all students who plan to start researching and writing a thesis attend one of the special University Thesis Coordinator thesis workshops offered each quarter. These workshops offer instructions about the University's and Library's format and submission requirements, and important information about deadlines for submission for that quarter.
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
If your proposed project will involve human subjects, you must obtain approval from the California State University, Los Angeles Institutional Review Board-Human Subjects (IRB) prior to beginning your project. This applies to all kinds of projects, including biomedical, behavioral, survey, and educational projects, and it includes both funded and unfunded research projects. The purpose of the review is to assess risk to and protect the rights of human research subjects, in accordance with federal regulations. Please visit the IRB site for more detailed information, and an application packet. The IRB only meets three times per quarter to review applications, so pay particular attention to their review dates and deadlines.
University Writing Center
The Writing Center offers a variety of services to the entire CSULA student body. You can approach the center with any type of writing assignment at any stage of the process. The Writing Center can help you understand the assignment, organize and revise your paper. They can even help you learn to proofread your paper.