Honors College Frequently Asked Questions


Admissions FAQ

When will I be notified of my acceptance to the Honors College?

The Honors College will begin notification of admission in March.


What if I am accepted to the Honors College but my admissions to CSULA is rescinded?

Please note, students whose acceptances to CSULA are rescinded will also lose their place in the Honors College.


Can I apply to the Honors College even though I am a nonresident student?

Students who apply to the CSU may also apply to the Honors College. Nonresident students need to complete the same pattern of courses to apply to CSULA, but need a higher GPA and test score combination. See the Eligibility Index for Nonresidents in CSUmentor for more details. http://www.csumentor.edu/planning/high_school/nonresidents.asp


What do the letters of recommendation entail? Does the Honors College provide a form?

The Honors College requires two letters of recommendation submitted on recommender's letterhead and in sealed envelopes. The College does not provide a form as the letter of recommendation should allow the recommender to showcase a student's qualifications to become a member of a scholarly community.


Who can write a letter of recommendation for me?

Faculty members from your high school, college counselors, volunteer coordinators, and employers can provide letters of recommendation.


How recent should the letters of recommendation be?

The Honors College at CSULA is a community of students, faculty, and staff bound together by a shared curriculum and student learning outcomes. A letter of recommendation should be written to address your ability to participate in said environment. Therefore, letters of recommendation written years ago or for other programs are not recommended.


I already submitted my transcript to CSULA, do I need to submit another one to the Honors College?

Yes. Students are required to submit all paperwork needed for CSULA. An additional set of transcripts needs to be submitted to the Honors College in addition to the one submitted to the University.


I already submitted my SAT and/or ACT test to CSULA, do I need to submit another one to the Honors College?

A copy of your official SAT and/or ACT test score is required by the Honors College. Collegeboard cannot send an official copy to the Honors College.


Will it take me longer to graduate if I join the Honors College?

The Honors College is committed to promoting timely graduation.


What majors qualify to join the Honors College?

All majors. Honors College students have majors in all of the Colleges in the University.


Should I wait to apply if I am not sure if I qualify for the Honors College?

High school seniors are strongly encouraged to apply to the Honors College for their freshman year of college.


Can I still apply to the Honors College even after the January 31 priority deadline?

Yes. The Honors College will continue to accept applications if space is available. However, in order to receive fullest consideration for admission and scholarships, students should submit the online application and send all the supplementary documents by the priority deadline.


Can I join the Honors College but not CSULA?

No. Applying to the Honors College at CSULA requires applying for admission to both the university and the Honors College.


Are Honors College classes harder than non-honors classes?

Honors courses are qualitatively different than non-honors courses--they are not necessarily harder or graded harder. The National Collegiate Honors Council has a good explanation of how Honors courses in College differ from Honors in high school:


For more information, please visit CSULA Office of Admissions.