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Becky Hopkins
Phone: (323) 343-4367


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Becky Hopkins became part of the EOP family as a special admit student in 1969.  She was in the first wave of EOP students after the Harmer Bill 1072 was signed into law.
In 1983, after earning her Masters Degree here at CSULA she became an EOP counselor, and spent 18 years helping students adjust to college life. 

She is committed to assisting students in their own personal development, over the years she has created groups for the first generation student, single parents and most recently transfer students. 

Since 2009, as the Director, she has been responsible for the Educational Opportunity Program, the development and implementation of Learning Communities, Academic Success Workshops, the Summer and Transfer Bridge programs, and most recently, the Enrichment Workshop series.  Becky is currently working on a Ph.D. in Education at Claremont Graduate University.