Finance and Law (323) 343-2870

Maria K. Boss
Professor of Finance and Law; J.D., University of California Hastings College of Law; admitted to the California State Bar, Federal District Court and U.S. Supreme Court
Contact: (323) 343-2870

  • Legal aspects of business transactions
  • Business organizations
  • Deputy city attorney and corporate counsel
  • Corporate raiders
  • Inside trading, termination and wrongful discharge

Jack S. K. Chang
Professor of Finance; Ph.D., University of Houston
Contact: (323) 343-2873

  • Pacific Basin financial markets and investment
  • Forecasting and especially risk management using financial engineering skills

Fluent in: Chinese.

Hsing Fang
Professor of Finance and Law; Ph.D., Arizona State University
Contact: (323) 343-2846

  • International finance
  • Investments
  • Futures and options

Fluent in: Chinese.

Jean Loo
Professor of Finance; Ph.D., Ohio State University
Contact: (323) 343-2874

  • Options and futures
  • Hedging with futures and options
  • Asset pricing
  • Pricing of inflation risk
  • Foreign exchange risk
  • investment, stock and bond valuation
  • Corporate finance
  • Capital structure and budgeting

Paul Schnitzel
Professor of Finance and Law; Ph.D., New York University
Contact: (323) 343-2870

  • Major national and international economic relationships and trends
  • Financial impact on U.S. businesses