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Cal State LA Outstanding Staff Awards


The Outstanding Staff Award was initiated in 1983 to recognize members of the University community who have made significant contributions to improve the quality of University life for Cal State LA's students, faculty, staff and administrators. This award is especially meaningful because it is an acknowledgement of excellence from peers and colleagues on campus.

2019 Outstanding Staff Award:
Elia Amaro-Hernandez, Office of Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities

2018 Outstanding Staff Award:
Arlette Hattar, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

2017 Outstanding Staff Award:
Iris Aceves, University Writing Center

2016 Outstanding Staff Award:
Rosie Rodriguez, Sociology

2015 Outstanding Staff Award:
Linda Tiller, Intercollegiate Athletics

2014 Outstanding Staff Award:
Yvonne Hasegawa, University Library

2013 Outstanding Staff Award:
Amy Miller, College of Natural and Social Sciences

2012 Outstanding Staff Award:
Joanna Martel, Career Development Center

2011 Outstanding Staff Award:
Suzanne Galyean, Department of Communication Studies

2010 Outstanding Staff Award:
Gonzalo Centeno, Office for Students with Disabilities

2009 Outstanding Staff Award:
Monica Ling, Nursing

2008 Outstanding Staff Award:
Diana Balli, History

2007 Outstanding Staff Award:
Gwen Franklin, Kinesiology and Nutritional Science

2006 Outstanding Staff Award:
David Linnevers, Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology

2005 Outstanding Staff Award:
Stan Carstensen, Office of Public Affairs

2004 Outstanding Staff Award:
Cheryl Sugiura, Kinesiology and Nutritional Science

2003 Outstanding Staff Award:
Edward Fisher, Academic Advisement Center and G.E. Honors Program

2002 Outstanding Staff Award:
Erica Orendain, Roybal Institute

2001 Outstanding Staff Award:
Elizabeth "Libby" Kent, Business Financial Services

2000 Outstanding Staff Award:
Kathy Lex, Engineering and Technology

1999 Outstanding Staff Awards:
Jeff Tat-Peng Cheam, Engineering and Technology
Stacy Truong, University Library

1998 Outstanding Staff Award:
Thomas Murillo, Chemistry and Biochemistry

1997 Outstanding Staff Awards:
Nofoao Leau, Pan African Studies and Latin American Studies
Jo Ann Ortega, Chemistry and Biochemistry

1996 Outstanding Staff Awards:
Geri Higley, Geological Sciences
Brian Magness, Physics and Astronomy

1995 Outstanding Staff Awards:
Theresa Flores, English/Liberal Studies
Reynald Payne, Communication Studies
Margaret Smith, Chemistry and Biochemistry

1994 Outstanding Staff Awards:
Yolanda Galvan, English
Richard Perrigan, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Elizabeth Strother, Business and Economics-Undergraduate Programs

1993 Outstanding Staff Awards:
Tita Cisneros, Scheduling
Linda C. Thompson, Library
Linda Wong, Accounting

1992 Outstanding Staff Awards:
Jeanne Gee, English
Katherine Nixon, Music
Catalina Silva, Natural and Social Sciences
William Wimberly, Chemistry and Biochemistry

1991 Outstanding Staff Awards:
Rebecca Aguilar, Business and Economics
Esther Espinoza, Scholarship Office
Roland Lilly, Plant Operations
Linda Zepeda, Learning Resource Center

1988-90 Outstanding Staff Awards: N/A

1987 Outstanding Staff Awards:
John Caulfield, Physics and Astronomy
Eileen Roberts, Academic Senate
Sandra Sugiura, Student Services
Pat Tom, Economics and Statistics

1983-1986 Outstanding Staff Awards: N/A

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