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March 20, 2001





Margie Yu
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Cal State L.A. Presents the
Spring 2001 Science Series

What & Who:
The Physics and Astronomy Department at California State University, Los Angeles introduces the Winter 2001 Science Series entitled "Discoveries in the Solid State of Matter." All lectures will be held Wednesday evenings at 8 p.m.

Faculty Lectures:
March 28 - Frieda Stahl, Emerita Professor of Physics:
"Pathways to Pentium: Early History of Semiconductor Electronics."

April 25 - Jose Rodriguez, Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy:
"Superconductivity-Then and Now."

May 30 - Oscar Bernal, Assistant Professor of Physics:
"Understanding Electrons in Solids: From the Old Days to the Near Future."

A review of the last 170 years and a glimpse into the future. This series of lectures is devoted to the understanding of the physical principles that govern condensed matter. Looking to mid-19th century experimental and theoretical work for its foundation, this series follows the development of the physics of the solid state through the 20th century's spectacular discoveries and speculates about future directions. Every aspect of the 20th century was affected by the discoveries of the electron, the quantum mechanics of atoms and aggregates of atoms, lasers, superconductivity and the transistor. The route from the physicists' laboratories to the Nobel Prize to everyday use in commercial, educational or medical enterprises has been exceedingly quick. In no previous era of history have scientific discoveries had such a profound and immediate impact on human lives.

Cal State L.A. Physical Sciences 158. The University is located at the Eastern Ave. exit, San Bernardino (I-10) Fwy., at the interchange of 10 and 710 Fwys. Public (ticket dispenser) parking available in Lots C and G, or the upper level of Parking Structure II.

Free to the public. For more information, call the Cal State L.A. Department of Physics and Astronomy, (323) 343-2100.


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